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November 28, 2004
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Sinful Windborne by neeta Sinful Windborne by neeta
First, SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU! I do not support smoking by using a sigarette in my shot.
More from the contrast assignment. An angel smoking... You get the idea. Pure/unpure maybe?
The title is actually a song-title by a band called Motorpsycho (those geniouses). I just thought of it after I did the shot. :)

Model is Marie, once again. (She didn't really smoke in the shot, just pretended to.)
I'm surprised that the background turned out so white, the photos was taken on my porch, with natural daylight, and it was snowing.

Canon eos 300
Kodak T-Max 400

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I love this concept.. very original. And her expression is very well captured. Can't really explain it, but it goes perfectly with the idea :) awesome!
omega85 Jul 16, 2006   Traditional Artist
this would be much nicer without the cigarette; it's too cliche.
lose the cig, and you've got a classy shot.

overall, great composition, with that one exception.
Unfortunately, I don't think people in general will get your message. It's really an ambiguous mixed-up concept and people basically do not have such a sophisticated mind as you ; your idea is original but i am trying to put myself into others shoes as well and the first thing we notice here is the cigarette and the smoke; it is provocative but in a negative way. It is just as if you portray a guy starting fire and say: oh it's not good starting fire!!! Come on, use your brain for once when thinking about a composition. All we see here is a somewhat healthy girl who smokes... and teens or other uneducated people who do not have any health prevention as most of us do, will get really mixed up, and think oh well: it's not that bad to smoke, look the girl looks healthy; Shame
patronus-light Nov 26, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
i disagree.
if you base your decisions on a photograph...then, well, the person is very fickle. and i don't see any smoke...maybe i'm missing it? if she's not smoking, where's the smoke? :confused:
"use your brain for once" can we be a little nicer about giving constructive critique?
wow this is stunning!
shes so soft and beautiful
BlueLiquorice Aug 11, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
thats a great concept - and well done
This reminds me of a better-shot version of my Azieraphale & Crowley shoot (a reference really only "gotten" by Neil Gaiman fans...). But I do love the photographic texture of the piece. While being pale in composition, it still doesn't lose it's depth, which is quite a feat. All in all, very nicely done!
i really like this shot, the whites really make it beautiful, and i didnt notice the ciggarette at first, she looked so imnnocent, then i saw it, very cleverly done.

how old is she btw, i cant decide if she is really young or not its really strange!!
beautiful shot
I love anti-smoking chicks...
Yeah, I hate smoking and smoke, but I really love this work, beautiful "innocence" of her expression. Love white tones :rose:
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